Marshawn Lynch: Still unclear whether it's a committee 

Last night’s uninspiring 5-rush/16-yard, 0-reception performance probably means that Lynch hasn’t clinched the role of “feature back” just yet. Buffalo fans (disclosure: I’m one of them) would love to be able to clamor for the speedy rook to get as many carries as possible this season, but frankly he hasn’t looked worthy of the buzz in his two preseason appearances. Add the fact that the A-Train filled in pretty well when McGahee went down last year, and it’s hard to argue that the veteran shouldn’t get his share of the workload.

At this point, the smart money’s on a committee situation in Buffalo, at least for the first few games of the season. A couple of weeks ago, I’d have disagreed with where Brandon has him on the RB cheat sheet, but now I’d say it’s about right.