Rules for a fantasy football keeper league 

Update 9/2013: We originally posted these keeper league rules back in 2007. Because this post has been consistently popular every year, I thought I’d provide an update on how things have gone for our league over the past half-decade as we’ve followed these rules. It’s all good news – we haven’t seen the need to change anything about the rules, and it’s been easily the most successful and active fantasy league I’ve ever been a part of. The rules reward those teams who plan well for the future, but not to the point where you wind up with one or two unstoppable dynasties. Decisions made years ago can reward or haunt your team, which is pretty cool, even if it hasn’t worked out well for me personally – I invested in Michael Vick and Peyton Hillis two years ago and stubbornly clung to them again last year… needless to say, I’ve a had a rough run. 

So maybe you’ve been playing fantasy football for a few years and you’ve got a good group of guys who consistently manage the teams in your leagues. You may have tried to spice things up by adding a flex position or yardage bonuses, but you still want something more. If you haven’t considered it before, maybe now is the time you begin thinking about starting a keeper fantasy football league. In short, a keeper league is a league where between seasons, each manager decides to “keep” a certain amount of players (generally up to 3) from his previous team who will carry over to his next year’s team. We held our first “real” keeper draft last night*, so I figured it might be useful to share our league’s rules with you, so that if you’re interested in starting a similar league you would have something to base it on… (More …)