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  • Matt 9:08 pm on August 27, 2007 Permalink  

    It's quiet. Too quiet. 

    The fantasy leagues that are the most fun are the ones where the message board is constantly full of trash talk. If you’re lucky enough to be in a league like that, and you notice the chatter die down suddenly, check the waiver wire. Someone might have done something stupid and dropped a player who’s far too good for free agency – and everyone’s keeping their mouths shut, hoping the other managers don’t notice until the player clears waivers. Don’t let someone with lower waiver priority nab a quality player out from under you. And no matter what happens, once it’s all over, make sure you participate in the peanut gallery that will be busting the chops of the moron who dropped someone he shouldn’t have.

  • Brandon 2:21 pm on August 27, 2007 Permalink  

    Why wait? 

    When the football gods shone down on the Cleveland Browns management during the 2007 NFL draft, allowing them to take potentially the best QB in the draft with the 22nd pick overall, I assume they believed they were taking the quarterback and face of the franchise for years to come. They had just finished their 4th terrible season in a row, finishing last in the division each time, and the drafting of Quinn was somewhat of a miracle. The funny part is, for some reason this year they believe they should put off the future because the guy that led them to a 4-12 season last year (Charlie Frye) has “earned it”. (More …)

    • Matt 2:32 pm on August 27, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      This was how Bills fans felt while Holcomb was starting games over Losman. What was the point of that? He’d be better off now if he had those extra games of experience under his belt, and it wasn’t like Holcomb was going to bring them to the Super Bowl.

  • Matt 9:17 am on August 27, 2007 Permalink  

    Weekend Update 

    Actually this post is just supposed to be about relevant player news from the weekend which is sadly now over, but since you brought it up, is there even any debate that Norm MacDonald is hands-down the funniest Weekend Update anchor in SNL history? A quick summary of the competition:

    • Chevy Chase: OK, he was funny, and he started it all, but it’s hard to see past what a dick he’s become lately.
    • Jane Curtin: So bad, they had to keep putting Akroyd and Murray on there as co-hosts to save her from bombing.
    • Charles Rocket: Who?
    • Brad Hall: Not funny, lasted one season (not just on the segment – fired from SNL altogether).
    • Christopher Guest: See “Brad Hall.”
    • Dennis Miller: Weekend Update was the best thing he ever did, which means it was still lame. If you laugh at his jokes even though you don’t understand them, you’re an even bigger tool than he is.
    • Kevin Nealon: Funny, but creepy. It always seemed to me like he was concealing a seething inner rage, bound to snap at the slightest provocation, and that this wasn’t part of the act.
    • Colin Quinn: It’s still unclear how he got this job, and even more baffling that he kept it for three seasons. He always seemed to be suffering from some severe digestive disorder that made it impossible for him to read his lines. Or be funny.
    • Tina Fey/Jimmy Fallon/Amy Poehler/Seth Meyers: Frankly, I’m not even sure how SNL is still on the air.

    Now I defy you to watch any episode of Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald and not laugh your balls off. He didn’t know a damn thing about current events, really couldn’t care less, and didn’t care if it showed.

    ANYdangway, some important stuff happened to a few key players over the weekend… (More …)

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