Attention IDP league players: Harrison suspended four games

I don’t do IDP. I don’t see defensive players as being consistent enough, nor their stat categories interesting enough on an individual basis, to make it worth my time. Football (the American kind, not the kind where you’re supposed to writhe in pretend agony on the turf every time you make contact with another player), as I’m sure you’ve heard many times, truly is the ultimate team sport, and that’s even more the case on the defensive side of the ball. For sure, there are some individual players, your Urlachers, Strahans, and Ray “Probably Killed a Guy” Lewises out there who are interesting from a fantasy standpoint, but by and large I just think IDP sounds pretty boring.

Anyway, the league’s dirtiest player is out 4 games for an HGH violation, plus he’s getting old and was pretty ineffectual last season, so I’m thinking you IDP weirdos will want to drop him. As for how this affects the Pats DEF in normal fantasy leagues… I’m going to say hardly at all. Put a fork in the guy.