Joey Harrington: Not too shabby, actually

Harrington must feel like he’s on top of the world right now. His evil plot to frame Michael Vick for dogfighting actually worked (wait, what?), he’s got the starting job locked down in Atlanta, and he just finished a preseason game with a 118.0 passer rating.

Does Harrington have any fantasy relevance? He’s got some quality weapons at his disposal: Both Dunn and Norwood are decent pass-catchers, Crumpler’s one of the best tight ends in the league (and his knee is evidently OK if the coaching staff is letting him play in a preseason game), Joe Horn’s in town now, and it’s really hard to say what they have in Michael Jenkins and Roddy White as the two third-year receivers have never had a pass-first QB throwing them the ball (recall that Peerless Price was a star in Buffalo, stank in Atlanta, then went back and performed well in Buffalo again).

Everything hinges on whether Harrington is finally ready to prove that he was worth a first-round pick once upon a time. If he can win a few games to start the season, he’ll have the whole city behind him and his success will be one of those stories that gets shoved down our throats on a weekly basis as the NFL tries to make us forget all about Michael So-and-So. Right now, I wouldn’t terribly mind having Harrington as my backup QB (I can’t believe I’m saying this), and you could probably wait until the very end of the draft to grab him if you’re thinking of giving him a shot.