Leftwich is done

Not that Byron Leftwich belonged on your roster anyway except in very deep, 2-QB formats, but the news that he has been demoted from the starting role still comes as something of a surprise as the Jags have been saying all along that they were confident in his abilities. He’s looked pretty rough in the preseason, and Garrard had some mild success filling in for him last season, so the move makes sense, I guess. It’s not like they had a better option.

Don’t mistake this for an opportunity to pick up Garrard, though. Of the ten games he played last season, he only threw more TDs than INTs in four of them. I wouldn’t say this has much of an effect on the value of the Jags wideouts, either – I still wouldn’t want any of them on my team. We don’t have any of them higher than the 5th tier on our WR cheat sheet. Kind of sad.