Steelers passing game is just weird

I don’t know what to make of it. Big Ben looked for all of last season like something was just wrong after the motorcycle accident; he suddenly decided he was Peyton Manning, started airing it out every other play, and wound up with 5 more INTs than TDs when all was said and done (also, nobody seems willing to admit that his surgically-repaired face makes babies cry. The baby’s just hungry, their mothers say, while staring intently at the floor). Hines Ward is 31, had a barely passable 2006 fantasy season by his standards (1,005 yards, 6 TD), and probably has half the team pissed at him ever since he started busting on the team’s rookies and bitching about the defense to the press for hitting too hard in training camp. Meanwhile, #3 WR (for now) Nate Washington is dropping passes left and right.

Santonio Holmes looks good, though. He’s easily got the #2 spot locked up, and he looked great in stretches last season. If Willie Parker has another big season and Ward can at least be consistent, that could open things up downfield for Holmes. I have a feeling he’ll end up being one of those wideouts who does nothing all game, then catches an 80-yard touchdown and makes up for it on one play.