Yikes – downgrade Torry Holt if you're drafting this weekend

Sounds like Holt’s knee could be a major source of frustration for his fantasy owners this season:

“It’s just one of those deals where I’m not recovering as quick as I used to,” Holt said. “It feels good some days and some days it doesn’t feel so good.”

“I’m getting somewhat used to that, and I’m getting to the point where I can manage it pretty well.”

That’s just about the last thing you wanted to hear if you used a high draft pick on Holt (which, if he’s on your team, you did). He seems to be acknowledging that he’ll no longer be as dominant, and that’s… OK with him. Come on Torry, where’s the fire? Where are the pushups in the driveway in front of a few dozen TV cameras? We better see you riding an exercise bike in a Lance Armstrong costume on the sidelines for the rest of the preseason.

We’re bumping Holt down a few notches on our WR cheat sheet based on this news, and you should do the same.