And by Fantasy Game of the Week we obviously meant CIN @ CLE? 

As I'm watching the Colts play a pretty tight game against the Titans down here in Puerto Rico, I'm seeing updates flash across the bottom of the screen for the other games. At first I don't make much of the Cincinnati at Cleveland game, which ended the first quarter at 7-6, Cincinnati's advantage. However, having a few players on my fantasy teams in that game (Housh, Rudi-J and Kellen Winslow) and a few on opponents teams (Palmer, Chad-Jo, Housh and Jamal Lewis), I started paying a little more attention…

7-13 Cleveland
14-13 Cincinnati
14-20 Cleveland

At this point I start realizing that this might be a much more interesting game than I had expected. I had figured Cincinnati would stomp Cleveland and picked Cincinnati in my Survival league based on this prediction…

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