2007-08 NFL Bye Weeks

Well this weekends games are nearly over (and it looks like New Orleans is going to be 0-3 at this rate), so it’s time to begin thinking about BYE weeks. You might have forgot about these during the draft, but now it’s time to see how badly you’ve screwed yourself when you realize that you have both starting runningbacks out on the same week. Here are the weeks and the teams that have bye’s. Hopefully your team survives till week 11 and is still in contention!

Week Teams
4 Jacksonville, New Orleans, Tennessee, Washington
5 Cincinnati, Minnesota, Oakland, Philadelphia
6 Buffalo, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, San Francisco
7 Carolina, Cleveland, Green Bay, San Diego
8 Arizona, Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Kansas City, Seattle
9 Chicago, Miami, NY Giants, St. Louis
10 Houston, New England, NY Jets, Tampa Bay