Ask the Geeks: Week 3 (Part 2) 

Chris asks – I think the answer is Barber III but I’ll ask anyways… Barber’s up against the tough Chicago Def that limited L.T., so should I start Betts instead against NYG, even with his small number of carries? As a side note, J.P. is staring the end of his days here. I see Edwards starting in game 5.

Matt’s take – I don’t like Barber or Betts this week. Any RB isn’t looking at a great day against the Bears, and that goes double for a RB in a committee. But to say that Betts is in a committee would be an understatement – he’s really more of a backup who’ll be lucky to get 10 carries this week. Portis will probably have a very nice game, but I don’t expect Betts to get much of the action (unless it’s a blowout).

Hold your nose, avert your eyes, and start Barber.

Brandon’s take – So far this year it appears Betts isn’t getting utilized the same amount he was last year in Portis’ relief. Barber will get the goal line carries against Chicago, so no matter if he gets the yards or not, you should still get some stats from him.

P.S. I’d love to see a quarterback from Stanford starting for Buffalo. Los(er)man is a non-playoff quarterback and they definitely need to test Edwards this year to determine whether to bring in a veteran next season or not. However, much like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and Baltimore Orioles have committed to never making the playoffs, maybe the Bills have also resigned to that concept. In that case, they’ll just keep putting out Losman and keep losing…until the Bills go the way of the Hartford Whalers and leave town.

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