Proceed With Caution – Weak Plays for Week 4 

My apologies for not posting my regular columns so far this week; I had jury duty and was actually selected as a juror, which was a ton of fun, except by "ton" I mean "load" and by "fun" I mean "shit." Not guilty on all four counts, if you’re wondering, due to a complete lack of any evidence whatsoever. Just a bunch of she-said, she-said between two charming young ladies who seemed to think they were on Judge Judy. Their boyfriends got into a fistfight in the hallway outside the courtroom just as things were getting underway. How it ever got to trial is a question I’ll be asking the Rochester DA, should I ever meet him.

Anyway, here are the guys you might normally start, but may want to reconsider this week for one reason or another:

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