Ask the Geeks: Week 4 

Chris asks: Okay guys I’m stuck… My 3rd round pick this year was Drew Brees (unfortunately) and my backup is J.P. (once again unfortunately). Brees has a bye week next week and so I have no one. I am in a keeper league that charges $$ to pick up players. My options are Favre, Harrington, Pennington, and Edwards. What advice do you give me for my disaster QB position. I’m thinking about picking up two QBs and spending about $8 between the two.

Matt’s take: I don’t really see Harrington or Edwards as viable fantasy options right now, so cross them off the list. I’m surprised Favre’s still available, and he’s the obvious pickup if you can get him; he looks better now than he has in years (though I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop and for him to throw four picks in a half). Pennington’s an option against Buffalo in week 4, but most weeks you wouldn’t want him in there.

Brandon’s take: Don’t pay any money for Edwards or Harrington, as they will most likely not be starting in a few weeks. Favre is the guy to get here, as his wide receiver corps is finally getting healthy and looks like they’ll be pretty productive with Driver, Jennings and Jones. As Matt said, Pennington would be the second QB to consider.

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