3, 2, 1…Brady Quinn!

The Cleveland Browns took the first step to getting Brady Quinn under center when they traded week 1 starter Charlie Frye to the Seattle Seahawks yesterday. Now all that lies in the way of Quinn’s promotion is the poor play of Derek Anderson against a surprisingly good defense of the Cincinnati Bengals (last week at least). This whole situation is becoming quite a mess for Cleveland and coach Romeo Crennel (who I don’t predict lasting beyond this season unless Quinn proves to be the savior that the team has been looking for). It was obvious that Frye was not the answer, as it is obvious that Anderson is not either. It’s time to start Brady Quinn and see what he’s got…who cares if he takes a beating.

In terms of fantasy relevance: Frye has no value what-so-ever, Anderson is a spot start for this week only (and a bad one at that), and Quinn will have value as a post-draft draftee in keeper leagues (as well as a bad “spot starter” once he becomes the Browns starter).