A few player updates worth noting

Seahawks DEF: DT Marcus Tubbs is out for the season with a torn ACL, so if you have the Seattle D, drop them now. Seriously? Yeah, seriously:

In the five games Tubbs played [in 2006], the Seahawks allowed averages of 82 rushing yards per game and 3.9 yards per carry. In the 11 games he missed, those averages were 147.2 and 4.8.

Plaxico Burress, NYG WR: Surprise, surprise. Now that the preseason’s all over, Plax says he’s A-OK and ready to start week 1. Countdown to him complaining about Eli not throwing the ball his way often enough (translation: on every play) in 3… 2…

Keary Colbert, CAR WR: Looks like he’ll be the starter opposite Steve Smith. He’s still got sleeper potential despite being a major disappointment since his rookie season. Worth a look if you need depth at WR, but don’t be surprised if he fades back into oblivion in a few weeks.

Kevin Jones, DET RB: Jones won’t start the season on the PUP list after all, which means he might play sometime before week 6. It’s still hard to say if or when he’ll be at full strength this season. Worst-case scenario, of course, is that he and Tatum Bell end up splitting the carries down the middle, which could very well be the situation by mid-season.

LenDale White/Chris Brown, TEN RB: There’s been little question throughout the preseason that we’d wind up with a committee situation here, but in case you still have any doubts, this should put them to rest:

“I thought LenDale and Chris both showed enough this preseason in different situations against different defenses … to warrant significant playing time,” [coach Jeff] Fisher said.

“As far as which guys lines up first, I’d say in all likelihood it will probably be LenDale, but it is not going to be a situation where he gets 90 percent of the carries.

“I like the rotation, I like the fact we can keep them both fresh. I think they both have a chance to be more productive when they are fresh in the ball game.”