Ask the Geeks

Chris:Who would you give the nod to this weekend, Jerricho Cotchery or Santana Moss as my #3 WR?

Matt’s take: Moss is hard to judge and tends to occasionally explode with a huge game, so I can’t blame anyone for starting him on a weekly basis, but the ‘Skins offense looks gawdawful at this point. While the Miami defense’s weak spot is its secondary, they will be able to double-team Moss because he’s the only viable downfield target on the team. Miami’s offense is just as bad as Washington’s; this has all the makings of a low-scoring, grind-it-out affair that won’t favor a big-play receiver like Moss.

As for Cotchery, his performance is going to depend upon the health of Thomas Jones. If he’s fully recovered (as it appears he may be), the Jets’ running attack is going to give Pennington some space to find Cotchery and Coles. As long as Pennington can get him the ball, Cotchery should have a solid, if not spectacular, game as a #3 fantasy WR. I’d go with him.

Brandon’s take: Cotchery lit up New England last season to the tune of 291 yards and 3 touchdowns in three games…definitely plug him in with confidence, especially considering the troubles the New England defense is facing right now.

Jobez: I’m playing in a league with 2 QBs, 8 teams total. I have Palmer, Rivers and McNair. Palmer is a lock, but I am leaning toward McNair over Rivers due to to the matchups (Chicago’s D as opposed to a bunch of 2nd graders in Cinci.) Am I right?

Matt’s take: Nah, I’d definitely start Rivers over McNair, even against the Bears. Rivers may be young and far less accomplished than McNair, but he’s surrounded by some stellar weapons, including a superstar running back who had over 500 yards receiving last season. If you’re ever going to use McNair, doing so against the Bengals’ 31st-ranked pass defense is probably your best opportunity, but I’d still go with Rivers.

Brandon’s take: I have to agree with Matt on this one. Rivers has the chance to score TD’s against any defense because of Gates and LT in the redzone (and maybe Vincent Jackson…we’ll have to wait and see). I have a feeling the Ravens will try to run the ball all day with their new toy Willis McGahee, relying on their defense to keep the score manageable. Rivers definitely has more upside here.

Sean: My starting WR’s week one are Javon Walker and Santana Moss at #1 and #2, with the following options at #3: Anthony Gonzalez, Drew Bennett, Mike Furrey, and Matt Jones. Bennett and Furrey are coming off preseason injuries, so I’m leaning towards Gonzalez or Jones. Thoughts?

Matt’s take: It may be a little early in the season to start a rookie WR, but I gotta like Gonzo Part Deux’s chances in the impending shootout that is tonight’s Colts-Saints game. That said, Furrey could be a very sneaky start this week, as the Detroit coaches are making a point of starting him over Calvin Johnson. It’s doubtful that they’ll do what everyone will be half-expecting and watching for: namely, sticking CJ in as the starter by the end of the 1st quarter.

So, it’s a tough call – Indy’s rookie #3 in a shootout, or Detroit’s temporary #2 against the very solid Oakland secondary. I’m not as much of a believer in Jon “wakes up every day and has to splash water on his face to make sure he’s not dreaming and really a starting QB in the NFL” Kitna as Brandon is, so I’ll go with the guy Peyton will be throwing to. Start Gonzalez.

Brandon’s take: Hmm…this is a tricky one. All four of the receivers come into this game with huge question marks. Ideally, I’d like to recommend Bennett, but with injury concerns and having no clue how he’ll do, I’m actually benching him in a league of my own this week. I’ll agree with Matt again and go with the rookie Gonzalez, primarily because Peyton should have a field day with a suspect New Orleans pass defense tonight.