Ask the Geeks

Cory: Week 2 and beyond I have Romo, Big Ben and Donovan McNabb as QB options. Who should I go with week 2 and beyond? Who should I dangle as trade bait?

Brandon’s take: For week 2, you’re going to want to start Tony Romo. Although you probably can’t expect another 5 touchdown, 300+ yard performance from him again, he should put up solid numbers against a Miami team that was beaten by Jason Campbell last week. McNabb would usually have been the pick here, but given his 184 yard performance against Green Bay last week, it’s hard to recommend him until he has at least one solid game under his belt.

Beyond week 2 I’d still go with Romo (except for his game against the Bears in week 3). Play McNabb against Detroit that week, as he should be able to throw well against a defense that allowed Josh McCown to throw all over it last week. Romo has a pretty good schedule ahead of him and should rack up some good stats over the course of the season.

Roethlisberger is the epitome of “trade bait” right now. The guy somehow managed to throw for 4 touchdowns on only 160 yards passing. The four touchdowns is impressive, but 160 yards against a middle of the road pass Cleveland pass defense isn’t so hot. If there is a Steelers fan in your league, or someone scrambling to find a decent starting QB, look to snatch up one of their decent WR or RB’s while Big Ben is hot. If you’re going to make a trade, I’m predicting that there is no better time than right now.

Matt’s take: Miami’s secondary is trash and there’s no way they’re going to stop TO. He’s going to absolutely wreck them this week a la Moss vs. the Jets, and his fantasy owners will be very happy come Monday, as will Romo’s.

I’m not so sure about McNabb, even against Detroit in week 3. Hold off and see how he looks this week before you make your Sunday decision. He looked pretty bad in week 1 and I’m usually more inclined to start a hot player like Romo, even against the Bears, than a struggling star like McNabb. Then again, he might have just needed one week to shake off some rust, so if he plays well this week, then I think he’s a decent start in week 3.

Big Ben just had his best game of the season, and his value’s as high as it will be. Trade him.