Ask the Geeks

Chris writes: I have a choice between Reggie Brown and Randy Moss as my third receiver, who would you choose? I've got to make the right decision because my number 2 back is out (Jacobs) and I'm stuck starting Barber cubed or Betts. Thanks.

Matt's response: I'm pretty much just posting this question because it baffles me. I can only assume that you're thinking San Diego's defense is something spectacular (having proved that against mighty Rex Grossman), or that the Patriots are going to be crippled now that they can't steal plays any more. Dude. Moss had a monster game last week. You don't bench guys after games like that. And Reggie Brown had a whopping 17 yards. Sure I expect bigger things out of Brown, and no I don't expect Moss to match that performance every week, if ever, but obviously you're overthinking this. Start the hot player.

Brandon's response: Although I've proclaimed Reggie Brown to have a breakout year this season, the first game didn't verify this. Until a) Reggie Brown has a couple huge games and b) Moss has a couple sub-par games, you have to start Moss over Brown.