Ask the Geeks

Brandon's on his way to Puerto Rico for a work thing, so I'm going to handle this multi-question question:

Dan asks:
1. bulger or matt schuab for week 2?
2. L.evens, t.bell, j.norwood (atl), or deangelo williams in week 2 for my final flex spot? this is a beautiful problem because i have moss,steve smith, and shaun alexander all obvious starts n still i have devery henderson and chester taylor benched
3. owen daniels or alge crumpler in week 2?

1) I'm not sure how much thought you put into this, but if you're really thinking about starting the likes of Matt Schaub over Marc Bulger, then it's either too much or not enough.

2) Lee Evans belongs in your lineup this week as Pittsburgh's pass defense is nothing special. Bell's not a good start against the very tough Vikings run defense. Norwood and Williams split time and aren't great starts.

3) Daniels. Stay away from Crumpler until we get a better idea of whether the Atlanta offense is going to come together in any way. 

Brandon says: I have to agree with Matt on the questions regarding Marc Bulger and Lee Evans, however I can't agree on the suggestion to start Owen Daniels over Alge Crumpler. Even with a disasterous situation in Atlanta, Crumpler remains the only constant. He had 40 receiving yards last week (to Daniels' 14 yards) and should do alright against Jacksonville this week.