Ask the Geeks: Two more before kickoff

Two more lineup questions came in as I’ve been sitting here staring at the clock and cursing it for not saying 8:30 yet. Since I don’t have anything else to do… Brandon can add his responses after the post goes live. Ghetto blogging at its finest.

Chris: Who should I start, Alex Smith vs. Arizona or Matt Leinart vs. San Francisco?

Matt’s take: I’d go with Leinart. The Niners are going to trample Arizona’s defense with Gore and I have them winning this one easily, so Leinart will be playing from behind. That’s a dangerous situation from a fantasy perspective, as Leinart has two of the best receiving options in the league in Boldin and Fitzgerald. I expect big things from Leinart this season; he’s surrounded with talent on offense and paired with a terrible D; that’s a combo that’s going to have him airing it out all season long. Smith isn’t a bad option this week either, but Leinart’s better.

Brandon’s take: You have to take Leinart in this situation. With Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald, Leinart is always liable to blow up and I don’t see the 49ers as the team to prevent that. It’s no guarantee that Darrell Jackson will produce in San Francisco, so wait and see after this game.

Teddy: Call me stupid but I think I’m going to sit Lee Evans this week. Against Denvers Dre Bly and THE Champ Bailey, I can’t see Evans doing much. Is that a crazy move?

Matt’s take: Depends on your other options, but they’d better all be top-caliber guys. Generally, when you have a player with the explosive potential Lee Evans has, you start him no matter what. Don’t overthink it – he’s probably your #2 or maybe even your #1. You invested in him in the draft, so it’s time to put that investment to the test.

Brandon’s take: I’m guessing you took Evans in the first 5 rounds. Generally, I’d like to think that anybody drafted in your first few rounds is a guy you’ll have in your lineup no matter the matchup. Evans has big play capability and all it takes is for Champ to misstep one time and you have a huge play. Unless you have 3 better receivers, get Evans in there.