Ask the Geeks: Week 3 (Part 2)

Chris asks – I think the answer is Barber III but I’ll ask anyways… Barber’s up against the tough Chicago Def that limited L.T., so should I start Betts instead against NYG, even with his small number of carries? As a side note, J.P. is staring the end of his days here. I see Edwards starting in game 5.

Matt’s take – I don’t like Barber or Betts this week. Any RB isn’t looking at a great day against the Bears, and that goes double for a RB in a committee. But to say that Betts is in a committee would be an understatement – he’s really more of a backup who’ll be lucky to get 10 carries this week. Portis will probably have a very nice game, but I don’t expect Betts to get much of the action (unless it’s a blowout).

Hold your nose, avert your eyes, and start Barber.

Brandon’s take – So far this year it appears Betts isn’t getting utilized the same amount he was last year in Portis’ relief. Barber will get the goal line carries against Chicago, so no matter if he gets the yards or not, you should still get some stats from him.

P.S. I’d love to see a quarterback from Stanford starting for Buffalo. Los(er)man is a non-playoff quarterback and they definitely need to test Edwards this year to determine whether to bring in a veteran next season or not. However, much like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and Baltimore Orioles have committed to never making the playoffs, maybe the Bills have also resigned to that concept. In that case, they’ll just keep putting out Losman and keep losing…until the Bills go the way of the Hartford Whalers and leave town.

Justin asks – I have a decision I could use some help with. This week I have Shaun Alexander and Willis McGahee starting as my RBs. Now I need to fill my FLEX slot with one of the following: Reggie Bush, Cadillac Williams, or Ahman Green. Can I get a lil advice? Thanks!

Matt’s take – That is a ridiculously deep RB corps. Nicely done. I have a good feeling about Bush this week, but like he was last season, he’s an all-or-nothing sort of player: He might get you 40 fantasy points; he might get you 4. I also like Cadillac, and since he’s actually relatively healthy for once and going up against a so-so Rams rush defense, he’s definitely the more reliable option. So if you’re feeling lucky, punk, start Bush; if you look down and see a skirt, start the Caddy.

Brandon’s take – I’m putting all my eggs in the New Orleans basket this week. They have to rebound from two bad games with a big one against Tennessee this week (otherwise I recommended you trade Brees for Cutler). I’m going to go with Bush this week. Green versus Indy is not a good matchup and Cadillac still has something to prove to me.

Jobez asks – Ok, i have 3 RB spots to fill (2 RB and a flex) and 4 candidates for said spots: Clinton Portis, Ronnie Brown, Frank Gore, and Lamont Jordan.

Matt’s take – I think Brown should be in there vs. the jets, but he hasnt done anything all season. Portis and Gore are typically good for a TD if nothing else, and Jordan has surprisingly been performing and is going up against Cleveland. Who do i sit? It seems like Gore has the worst matchup, but can i sit him? I’m thinking no.

Portis and Gore are the no-brainers this week. I like Ronnie Brown’s chances against a terrible Jets rush defense, but I like Lamont Jordan against Cleveland even better. Since Brown hasn’t shown us anything yet this season, I think you have to start Jordan.

Brandon’s take – If Brown wasn’t sucking this year, I’d almost tell you to sit Gore this week against Pittsburgh. However, he hasn’t played well at all and I’m a firm believer of making a player prove himself first before starting him on your fantasy team. Sit Brown and even if you made a mistake, it will most likely be for less than 5 points.

Dan asks – I’m in a 7 team league with 2 RBs and a RB / WR flex position. I have been starting Steven Jackson, Laurence Maroney, and Willie Parker, but I have Jamal Lewis on my bench, who (like the rest of the Browns) had a monster week last week. Clearly I shouldn’t sit Jackson, but do you think I should bench either Maroney or Parker to get Lewis in, or should I just leave him on my bench?

Matt’s take – Benching Maroney or Parker for Jamal Lewis on the basis of one good game? That’s crazy talk. Let him do it again before you start benching guys you spent high draft picks on.

By the way, what the hell kind of league are you in where you have Jackson, Fast Willie, and Maroney on the same team? Is there anyone else in this league? Does it really exist? Come clean now, I won’t tell anyone or post a screenshot of your confession on the blog, I swear.

Brandon’s take – The Dolphin’s will be missing Zach Thomas this week, so that might give Parker an added boost. Maroney should rip up the Bills. Jackson will redeem himself soon (maybe this week). Lewis was a one hit wonder and although he’s playing a weak Raiders defense, you just have to sit him this week. If he plays well again, then next week you’ll have a harder decision to make I think.

Jeff asks – Should I pick up and start McCown this week? My starter is Romo, who visits Chicago Sunday night. Backing him up I have Rivers, heading to Green Bay, who has yet to play a decent game. McCown has the Browns coming to town. He looked good week 1, is this the week he puts it together, or do I go with the hot hand Romo? Thanks.

Matt’s take – I don’t particularly like McCown this week, even against Cleveland. He’s got Culpepper breathing down his neck, and with Lane Kiffin saying thing like, "Josh has got to get better, that’s no secret, or he won’t be our starting quarterback for long, especially at this pace," I wouldn’t be particularly surprised to see Culpepper start the second half if McCown is unable to make anything happen.

Romo looks talented enough to have a decent, if unspectacular, game against the Bears. Rivers’ matchup with Green Bay isn’t favorable (they’ve effectively shut down Eli and McNabb so far this season), so go with your starter.

Brandon’s take – I recommended picking up McCown this week…but that was only if you’re in dire need of a quarterback. If you have Romo, you have to start him each week. He recently moved up to #5 on our quarterback power rankings list and is a must start each week until something drastic changes. If you had to decide between McNabb or McCown this week, you might have a tough choice, but not if you have Romo.