Backup quarterback "packages"?

Maybe I’m just having a memory lapse in my old age, but since when have these alternate quarterback "packages" we’ve seen this week become popular? Yesterday we saw Kurt Warner come in for a few series because it became apparent that the team needed to score fast. Apparently they have a quarterback that is good at scoring fast and one that takes it easy. Then, tonight I see Kerry Collins coming in for a "package" where the Titans have very little time to score. How are these old men the guys that can help the team score faster? Isn’t that the idea of the game…score as fast as you can? I mean once you have a good lead you can take it easy and run, but you’re still trying to score always. What’s next? Matt Cassel comes in for a quick strike package because Brady is too slow? Peyton Manning takes a spot on the bench with 50 seconds left in the fourth quarter and the team down by 5 while Jim Sorgi cruises down the field for the lightning speed score? Maybe the Bears should feature the Brian Griese package 95% of the time and put in Rex Grossman when they need to throw an interception or fumble.

This concept brings to mind an idea I’ve always thought would be interesting and I would implement if I was the offensive coordinator of a team…the two quarterback formation. I think having two quarterbacks, maybe one that can run a bit better than the other, on the field at the same time would cause a nightmare for defenses. After the snap, you have the other quarterback chilling on the other side of the field, a bit behind the first quarterback, so if he can lateral it across the field and the second quarterback can throw it to someone. While it would take a lot of coordination on the part of the team, it could be pretty sweet. Maybe in college it would work a bit better, but I still don’t see it making an appearance there anytime soon (did Florida do it last season? not sure)