Bittersweet day for Giants player owners

In one of my leagues I went to bed last night winning by about 25 points or so. I woke up to see myself down over 45 points or so. What happened? Well the league plays 2 quarterbacks. My opponents two quarterbacks? Eli Manning and Tony Romo. Between the two of them, they scored him 72 points. They threw a combined 8 touchdowns and Romo rushed for another, as well as combining for over 650 yards passing. You might call that a bittersweet evening for me, however, the real pain goes to the owners of Eli Manning and Brandon Jacobs.

During Eli’s great game, where he was trying his hardest to put on a Peyton imitation, he separated his shoulder and is predicted to miss about a month. This is probably not the trade off you were looking for. Also injured in the game, Brandon Jacobs, who was taking over for Tiki Barber this season as the feature back in New York. He sprained his knee and apparently the standard time missed for an injury like his is from 2 to 5 weeks, depending on the severity. These are huge blows to any team that was relying on production from these players.

In terms of backups, big man Jared Lorenzen will take over for Eli if he ends up missing any time. If you’ve ever seen this guy, you know that you probably shouldn’t be plugging him into your roster any time soon. With Jacobs however, it’s an interesting situation. It was assumed that Reuben Droughns would be the one filling in for Jacobs, but apparently the team feels like using him as the fullback. The guy that played when Jacobs went down yesterday was Derrick Ward, a former 7th round draft pick in 2004. Unlike Lorenzen, you might consider using Ward for a spot start here and there while Jacobs is out. He rushed for 89 yards (6.8 yards/carry) and also tacked on 27 yards receiving and a touchdown.