Cut Your Losses: Week 2

Every week, I’ll be letting you know which borderline players I think have dropped so far in value that they are no longer relevant in the world of fantasy football and seem unlikely to become worthy of a roster spot again this season. As we’ve only got one week of information to go on so far, there aren’t many guys who fit into that category yet, but there are a few…

Joey Harrington, ATL QB: I thought he might be worthy of a last-round pick, but so far it doesn’t look so good. One of the two interceptions he threw against the Vikings wasn’t his fault, but the other most definitely was. This team has truly screwed the pooch, if you’ll pardon the expression, and I don’t want any part of their offense.

Isaac Bruce, STL WR: Bruce’s owners were probably hoping the absence of injured WR Drew Bennett would mean that Bruce would get more attention from Bulger. It didn’t work out that way (3 rec, 20 yds), and Bennett’s injury is minor and it sounds like he’ll be back next week. Bruce had a nice fantasy career, but it’s over now; don’t waste a roster spot on him.

Ted Ginn Jr., MIA WR: You don’t expect much from a rookie wideout in his first game, but throw me a friggin’ bone here, or at least the ball (0 rec). Obviously, he can only improve from here, but is it worth a roster spot to see how much? At least he’s the return man, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

Jeff Garcia, TAM QB: He got his bell rung by Seattle and sat out most of the second half. After owning Trent Green in 2006, I’d be very hesitant to hold onto an older QB who takes a nasty concussion. He’s borderline roster-worthy anyway, and this just adds too much additional doubt to the equation.

Steve McNair, Kyle Boller, anyone else who tries to play QB for the Ravens: Three words for this potentially brewing quarterback controversy: Just. Stay. Away. McNair’s always hurt, Boller always sucks, and whoever else they might stick in there would be like a lamb entering a wolves’ den wearing a kitten costume made entirely out of bacon. The Ravens should have gotten slaughtered on Monday night, and it’s only due to the extreme charitability and/or incompetence of the Bengals that it was even close.

Devin Hester, CHI WR (sorta): The rumors that he was going to be more involved in the offense were clearly overblown. He was only on the field for one offensive play.

Eric Moulds and Brandon Jones, TEN WRs: Vince Young, while he’s already fun to watch in a Mike-Vick-circa-2002 sorta way, clearly isn’t ready to be the kind of passer that is going to provide any kind of statistical consistency for the Titans’ WRs. Moulds had 1 rec for 4 yds; Jones had 1 for 6. You’re never going to feel good starting either of them, so just drop them.