Friday hangover for New Orleans players owners

Indianapolis Colts 41, New Orleans Saints 10

If you didn’t watch the game last night, then you’re probably waking up to read how the New Orleans Saints were on the business end of a good ol’ fashioned beatdown last night. While predicted by most (including us!) to be an offensive fireworks show, only one team showed up on offense, the team that has consistently been there scoring points in bunches for the past few years…the Indianapolis Colts. After watching that game, feel confident (as if you weren’t already) starting Manning, Harrison, Wayne and Addai against any defense. On the other side of the coin though, is it too early to start worrying about the Saints, who only managed a measly 3 points on offense?

Drew Brees: 192 passing yards, 2 INTs, 0 TDs
Reggie Bush: 38 rushing yards, 0 TDs
Deuce McAllister: 38 rushing yards, 0 TDs
Marques Colston: 47 receiving yards, 0 TDs
Devery Henderson: 34 receiving yards, 0 TDs

These are not the stats that instill confidence in a fantasy football manager. However, I have to say that it IS too early to make any drastic decisions regarding these guys. For instance, Drew Brees only threw for 170 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT in his first game as a Saint last year. He finished with stellar stats nonetheless. The Saints were entering the home of the defending Superbowl Champions, a dome where they could barely hear any plays being called at the line of scrimmage. They were on national television and with all the hype built up for this game, they really could do nothing more than disappoint. The rest of their schedule only gets easier, with games against Tampa Bay (2), Tennessee, Atlanta (2), San Francisco, Houston, and Arizona on the schedule. If you haven’t seen a performance reminiscent of last years New Orleans Saints team by their BYE in week 4, then maybe it’s time to start worrying, but not right now.