Is it the Kellen Clemens era in NY?

It appears that Chad Pennington is taking a seat for the team’s next game against the Baltimore Ravens and I can’t say I blame him. First of all, he just got abused by the Patriots and was boo’ed by the home crowd when he tried to hobble off the field to save the team from using a time out (usually considered a noble thing to do, but apparently not to the New York fans). His ankle is no doubt still hurting from how painful it appeared on Sunday. Secondly, his next game is against the Baltimore Ravens. I’m pretty sure the last thing he wants is Ray Lewis ripping his head off as he tries to limp out of the way. He’ll gladly “pass the torch” for this game to the young Clemens. Nothing bad can really come out of this for Pennington, as Clemens will be made to look like crap against Baltimore, Pennington will be able to heal, and the fans will want a QB that can lead them to victory the week afterwards when the Jets play an easier Miami defense (can you say “Pennington to the rescue!”).

Fantasy impact: If you had Pennington as your starter (which hopefully you didn’t unless you’re in a really deep league or a 2 QB league), bench him for the week. There should be another free agent quarterback that makes a better play than Clemens against the Ravens. Try someone like Tavaris Jackson against Detroit or even Rex Grossman against Kansas City before stooping to Clemens.