J.P. Losman: Battling with Jauron? Kind of classless?

I'll address those two questions in order, because order is good.

Is Losman in a battle with coach Dick Jauron over offensive strategy?

Jauron wants to put the ball in Marshawn Lynch's hands as often as possible in order to control the clock and let the Bills' banged-up defense get as much opportunity to rest as possible. Losman's going public with his dissenting opinion

But the quarterback believes the wide open attack that was successful late last season is the answer after their struggles the first two weeks to put points on the board, especially with an improved offensive line.

"I think everybody, speaking for the offense, we're ready to open it up, let it go and let it hang," said Losman. "We don't want to sit back on our heels. I know the coaches don't and the players don't and we'll see if we can get back out there next week."

Obviously, what they've been doing so far hasn't been working, so he might have a point, but I can still understand Jauron's perspective: He's got a quality running back who has the size and talent to grind for first downs and wear down opposing defenses while giving their own defense a chance to regroup. And he probably still considers Losman to be an unknown quantity, as does everyone in the world who isn't J.P. Losman.

It'll be interesting from a fantasy perspective to see if Jauron lets Losman pressure him into calling more pass plays.

Is Losman kind of a classless guy?

I'd say so, based on how he's handled the early-season struggles.

First off, you don't help things by talking offensive strategy with the media. All you do is make your coach look like a lame duck who doesn't have the confidence of his quarterback. Nice leadership example.

But if you do, don't deny that you did so when everyone's got it on tape:

"As far as the comments yesterday, I've heard things that are ridiculous, that I blamed the coaches and everybody else. That's not my style. That's uncharacteristic of me. That's not what I do. I'm the first one to tell you when I did something wrong, I'm the first one to say when I've made a mistake. I'm my harshest critic."

J.P., while you didn't come right out and insult the coaches or call them names, you made it completely clear that you think the plays they've been calling so far have been the wrong ones. How very passive-aggressive of you, not wanting to use the word "blame" when you're blaming someone.