Lee Evans: Nothing more than a spot start from here on out

I can’t think of the last time a guy who was drafted as a #1 WR in most leagues has seen his fantasy value fall so far so fast (without injury). Against Denver, the Bills showed that when they can, they prefer to run the ball, which makes sense given Marshawn Lynch’s power and speed. Against the Steelers and Pats, they showed that really good defenses can simply overwhelm them.

Sadly for a guy like Evans who has so much speed and talent, this means that he’ll likely only have a shot at decent numbers when the Bills are up against second-rate NFL defenses. Looking at their schedule, I see seven weeks where Evans makes for a low-end #2 or decent #3 WR:

  • Week 4 (Jets)
  • Week 8 (Jets again)
  • Week 9 (Bengals)
  • Week 10 (Dolphins)
  • Week 14 (Dolphins again)
  • Week 15 (Browns)
  • Week 16 (Giants)

I wouldn’t start him against the Ravens, Pats, Jags, or Eagles, and I’d only consider him a very-low-end #3 against the Cowboys and Redskins.

Those of us who thought of him as a low-end #1 WR and drafted him accordingly… well, barring some miracle, we’re more or less screwed.