Marshawn Lynch: Holy crap he looks good

I’m watching the Buffalo-Denver game, and Lynch has looked absolutely Tomlinsonian in the 3rd quarter. He looks huge out there and is just plowing over defenders. His touchdown run in the 3rd was very impressive. On an earlier third-down play, he had two tacklers on him five yards from the first-down marker, the play and drive all but dead, and he somehow managed to push them both past the marker.

Poor Anthony Thomas came in to give him a breather on one play and Losman tripped and fell trying to give him the ball, thus ending the A-Trains’s opportunity to make his case for some touches. It sure doesn’t look like a committee situation to me at this point.

(Congratulations to my co-blogger Brandon as his namesake, who he of course owns on all of his teams, just scored a TD for Denver.)