Proceed With Caution: Busts/Weak Plays for Week 3 2007

Marshawn Lynch, RB, BUF: Look, I think the rookie is really good, and I think he's going to be a top-10 back in fantasy drafts next season. But his fate is tied to that of poor Buffalo, whose soul-crushingly tough schedule has forced Lynch to face two of the best rushing defenses in the league in Denver and Pittsburgh, and the beat goes on in week 3 as the Bills take on New England and their dominant rush defense (#1 in the NFL so far). There are few running backs that I'd consider a solid start against the Pats, and Marshawn isn't one of them. Yet.

Lee Evans, WR, BUF: Same goes for Evans. It's sad to say about a guy you probably spent a 3rd-round pick on, but unless something changes, you may want to consider only starting him when the matchup is good. Losman is simply overmatched against good defenses.

Matt Leinart, QB, ARI: I like Leinart to have a breakout season, but the Ravens make mincemeat of all but the most talented quarterbacks. Two veterans who might be free agents in your league right now that I like more than Leinart this week: Trent Green (great matchup with the Jets and showing some nice chemistry with Chambers), and Chad Pennington (Miami's corners are terrible and Coles/Cotch Rocket look like one of the better WR duos in the league so far). 

Darrell Jackson, WR, SF: Nasty Pittsburgh matchup (1 rec TD allowed so far) + back problems = this isn't his breakout week.

The whole Cleveland offense: It'll take more than one game to convince me that they're for real, and not just the latest beneficiaries of a very giving Cincinnati defense. Oakland's cornerbacks will have Cleveland fans thinking about Brady Quinn again by the end of the game.