Proceed With Caution – weak plays for week 2

Welcome to the first edition of yet another weekly feature (see what we’re up to here? Hey, on a completely unrelated note, did you know it’s free to subscribe and have our genius bequeathed unto you automagically via RSS or e-mail?). These are the guys who you probably consider to be start-worthy, but I’m telling you that it might be worth taking a look at your bench and seeing if you have another guy you can plug in instead. Essentially, I’m here to introduce doubt and anxiety into your life. You’re welcome.

Warrick Dunn, RB ATL – Based on everything I know about the Jacksonville defense, getting carved up by Chris Brown on the ground last weekend was an absolute aberration for what was a top-notch rushing D last season. Tackles Stroud and Henderson are humiliated and are going to be looking to prove themselves against Atlanta, and Joey Harrington isn’t going to give them any reason not to focus on stuffing the run. I know some of you Dunn owners are tempted to plug him in there and hope for a Chris Brown-type performance, but don’t do it – the Jags D is going to be out to kill a man, and lil’ Warrick has them drooling.

Chris Brown, RB TEN – Speaking of this guy… don’t start this guy. It’s hard to believe, but Indy’s D is truly scary now, and if they could shut down the two-headed monster of Deuce ‘n’ Bush, just imagine what they’ll do to Brown ‘n’ White.

LaMont Jordan, RB OAK – Look, I know he had a surprising game against Detroit, and I know Marshawn Lynch proved that you can run on the Broncos to a certain extent, but consider this: Denver has, without question, the best cornerbacks in the league, who will be able to easily shut down McCown ‘n’ Pals and let the rest of the defense focus on stopping the run. Jordan’s not going to repeat his week 1 performance this week, or do anything even close. The good news: You probably (hopefully) didn’t invest much on him in the draft, so you’ve got a better option on your squad anyway.

Julius Jones, RB DAL – Miami’s secondary sucks, but they can stop the run (3rd-ranked rush defense in 2006). I wouldn’t want to start Jones or Barber-cubed this week, but Barber at least gets goal-line carries. Jones’ line will probably look something like this: 16 rush, 38 yds, 0 TD. Does that sound like something you might be interested in?

Plax and the other Giants WRs – Just when it looked like Eli had it all figured out, he gets hurt. It sounds to me like he’s in denial about the extent of his injury and I’m willing to bet he reinjures it badly if he tries to play in week 2. Whether it’s him or a backup playing, consider benching Plax if you’ve got a reasonable plug-in option on your bench. Green Bay’s D proved itself against McNabb, and will probably have a field day whether they’re up against a gimpy Manning or Jared Lorenzen.