Quarterback SHENANIGANS!

It seems that after this weekend, the world of the NFL quarterback was sent in a tailspin. Whether teams are considering a change at the position, teams are forced to replace an injured QB, or teams are trying out some new-fangled quarterback "package", it seems that no quarterback is safe…well except for Tom Brady and Tony Romo (and maybe some others). Here at FFGeekBlog, we figured it might be helpful to just give you a brief description of the quarterback situation in a few (it’s a relative term) locations. We attempted to organize the list from most explosive to least, so here we go…

Chicago – There’s nothing more explosive than an official quarterback change and that is exactly what is taking place in Chicago. The "Wrecks" Grossman era is over and we’re now moving into the temporary Brian Griese era. There is no way that coach Lovie Smith can see Griese as the permanent solution to this offensive blackhole, but he should handle it a little more carefully than Grossman did. If the Bears can get ANY production out of this position, they immediately become a contender in the NFC.

Oakland – What I like to call Stage 1 is now likely over in Oakland…Stage 1 being the starting of quarterback Josh McCown. We’ve officially entered Stage 2, which is where Daunte Culpepper takes the reigns. I actually believe that Culpepper could have a small resurgence in his career during this season, but the end result of this mess will eventually be Stage 3, the JaMarcus Russell stage. You don’t pay a top pick in the draft record money to have him ride the pine all losing-season long. If you are facing a bye week or your starter is someone like Matt Leinart, you might consider plugging Culpepper in for the weekend and seeing how he fairs. He had a strong preseason, so maybe it’ll carry over now into the regular season.

Baltimore – This is becoming one of the stranger situations in the NFL. Coach Brian Billick has apparently decided that this is now a "platoon" situation between Steve McNair and Kyle Boller. McNair is the more consistent quarterback, but due to injury problems the team would like to give him some rest during the games. Boller is the riskier play, but has been performing pretty well in McNair’s "relief". Through Week 3, McNair has started 2 games and missed 1 due to injury. Boller has started 1 and come in on 2 occasions late in the game when McNair went to the bench. In case you were wondering…get the heck out of this situation if your fantasy team has any involvement. It’s not as if the Ravens are the Colts or some other offensive powerhouse. Splitting 200 yards and a touchdown a game between two quarterbacks does not make for good fantasy production.

Buffalo – This could be come a pretty interesting situation in a few weeks when J.P. Losman returns from his leg injury, but until then it appears rookie Trent Edwards will be starting for Buffalo. Edwards takes over for an offense that looks absolutely horrendous to this point. While running game has nearly lived up to expectations, the passing game has been a nightmare…much to the chagrin of Lee Evans owners. If Edwards can get any production out of this passing game, expect a quarterback controversy when Losman returns. Teams always say that you can’t lose your starting role to injury, but tell that to Drew Bledsoe when Tom Brady was just "filling in" for him. While I don’t see Edwards carrying the Bills to the playoffs, he could possibly lead them to a few wins.

Minnesota – Starter Tarvaris Jackson was forced to sit last weekend due to a groin injury and it looks like he’ll continue resting it through at least this coming weekend. Kelly Holcomb will continue to play in his absence, and if he can play halfway decent, there might be cries in Minnesota to keep him as the quarterback. The defense has been playing well, so if the team can get some production out of the quarterback position, they would become a playoff contender in a watered-down NFC. Jackson wasn’t playing well before the injury, so questions about whether or not he’s the future of the franchise are already beginning to circulate I’m sure…especially after a 4 interception performance like the one he had in Week 2. Similar to a few other situations on this list, stay away from this quarterback quandary until the dust settles and one of the two quarterbacks has proven that they are capable of putting up some decent fantasy numbers.

Carolina – A victim of the phantom injury, Delhomme was forced to leave the game this past weekend with an apparent elbow injury (even though he wasn’t even hit on the play). David Carr, the former Houston Texans great, took over at the position and didn’t perform all that bad. Delhomme hasn’t dressed for practice this week yet, even though an MRI came back negative. If Delhomme doesn’t start, David Carr could make an appearance, but I wouldn’t feel all that comfortable with him in my fantasy lineup. Delhomme is the starter in Carolina until something drastic happens, so don’t get all crazy and drop him for Carr, expecting Carr to win the starting job or something.

Arizona – As soon as the coach mentions that elderly backup quarterback Kurt Warner has special "packages" designed for him, and benches quarterback of the future Matt Leinart because the team needs to score faster, you know there’s something strange going on. Such is the situation in Arizona, where the Cardinals are about 2 more special Kurt Warner package’s away from sending Leinart into severe depression. Leinart has taken a hit on our quarterback power rankings this week and if this insanity keeps up, expect him to fall further. While I’m not really opposed to having two starting quarterbacks on a team, I would definitely be looking for an alternate if Leinart was my starting fantasy quarterback at this point.

Atlanta – Although there’s not too much pressure at this point to get Joey Harrington out of the starting role in Atlanta, management must have felt a little worried when they brought in Byron Leftwich last week. Harrington apparently responded with a pretty solid game last weekend, but I highly doubt he can continue. If he falters too much longer, expect a change by mid-season and most likely the end of Harrington’s chances to be a starting QB in the NFL.

Cleveland – As with Oakland, there seems to be a three step process in action that ends with Brady Quinn as the starting quarterback in Cleveland. However, people forgot to tell Derek Anderson that. Charlie Frye knew the situation and was booted out of town almost instantly. Anderson however, decided he should go All-World for a game and try to screw up everything. Last weekend he had a decent game, but nothing to write home about. With a few more losses, and no more Super-Anderson sightings, expect the Brady Quinn Project to begin…and with the new beginning, expect an end to the short-lived Romeo Crennel era in Cleveland. Until Anderson returns to mediocrity, he makes for a plausible spot-start or bye week fill-in, but try to play the matchups if you have to use him…he won’t be playing Cincinnati every week.

New York (Jets) – Apparently Chad Pennington’s ankle has healed enough to name him the starter for the weekend (barring any other setbacks), so fans can prepare the Kellen Clemens chants again for upcoming games. While Pennington is starting, his ankle might still be a bit sore, so don’t be surprised if we see a Kyle Boller-like scenario take place at the end of the game (when the team is getting romped on). Once fully healed, Pennington should be secure in the starting position, but in the offseason the Jets might start considering if Clemens is the future of the franchise. Clemens could be a decent pickup in Keeper League’s, but in any other format, you can feel safe leaving him on the waiver wire for the time being.

St. Louis – While Marc Bulger’s job is not at stake (he just was re-signed to a massive contract extension), his health might be questioned at bit at this point. It was just released that Marc Bulger played and will play his next game with a few broken ribs. While it is pretty courageous of him to play injured, I’m not sure it’ll help improve his poor fantasy production that he’s posted so far this season. If you can put Bulger on the bench for a few weeks, it might be a good idea. Let his ribs get a little better, as well as letting the offensive line figure out what is going on…then Bulger might be able to return to the quarterback we all know and love from the past few years.

Tennessee – There is NO quarterback controversy here. Vince Young is the quarterback of the future in Tennessee and whether Kerry Collins appearance was due to Young’s sore wrist and need of an IV, or because they had some special "package" for Collins, it will not affect Young’s title as the starting quarterback of the Titans. I don’t expect to see any more Kerry Collins packages in the near future, so you should feel safe keeping him in your starting lineup all season.