Random football thoughts

I've been watching SportsCenter religiously since the beginning of the NFL preseason and I have to admit, my least favorite part is when "Fantasy Guru" Matthew Berry comes on. Is it just me? Or does he sound like a whiny little kid trying to get his way or something. Even if I agree with any of his advice, I hate myself for it afterwards. Can't they get someone a little more energetic or entertaining to represent the fantasy football world? On the other end of the spectrum is the Fantasy Football Guys, who sound pretty much like if Opie and Anthony had a bastard child with the Mike and Mike show on ESPN2…but just talked about fantasy football. I can't say I enjoy listening to them either, but at least their childish joking around is somewhat amusing at times. Matthew Berry is never amusing…NEVER!

On another note, after being forced to watch 9000 Peyton Manning commercials during my Patriots games, it's a relief to finally see a decent football commercial. It's the Nike "Leave Nothing" commercial, and although I question the selection of players in the commercial a bit, Shawne Merrimen (steroids) and Steven Jackson (sub-par season so far), the commercial is pretty sweet. I believe the music is the same that was in The Last of the Mohicans...the scene at the end where the father goes nuts with that gigantic sword and kills everyone. If they could just come up with a few more of these commercials to replace the stupid Peyton Manning commercials, I'd be a much happier guy come game day.

Finally, I believe Matt and I are both in agreement here this weekend: GO PATRIOTS! Alright, maybe Matt won't uncover his eyes when the Patriots stomp his Bills, but he really should take a good look at Losman's battered, beaten and intercepted body after the game. Bills fans…this is your quarterback of the future? Your really are masochists.