So what did we learn last night?

I’d say there are a couple things we actually learned last night, and a couple things that it would be easy to say we learned, but probably didn’t.

What we did learn:

  • The Indy D is going to be better this year, and they’re probably worth starting against about half the teams they’ll play in 2007. They were up against an offense that had lost absolutely nothing from its dominating 2006 squad, and they shut them down completely. How much better can’t truly be judged from one game, but a D with that kind of speed could prove to be very valuable in fantasy football. If they can decimate Drew Brees & Co., imagine what they’ll do to some of the other offenses on their schedule, such as the Titans (twice), Texans (twice), Bucs, Falcons, Ravens, and Raiders. Those are eight pretty tasty-looking fantasy DEF matchups.

  • Joseph Addai is tough, and the Indy coaches are praying he stays that way. America was introduced to this fact in rather violent fashion last night, as Addai was crushed by two Saints defenders and stayed on the ground for a few minutes. Until he came back on the next series and got going on what would turn out to be a great individual performance, Addai’s fantasy owners were peeing their pants, and you could hear Al and John furiously flipping through paperwork as they tried to figure out who the hell Kenton Keith was.

What we can act like we know but we really don’t:

  • The Saints offense is going to drop off from last season, and therefore owners of Brees, Colston, Bush, and McAllister should all be furiously shopping them on the trade market. I’m sure more than a few owners will react that way, but let’s remember a few things, which I will put into a very nice bulleted sub-list for your viewing pleasure.
    • First, recall that the Saints went with the dubious strategy of barely letting their starting QB play in the preseason at all. As a result, the first-string offense really has barely worked at all together so far in 2007, and it showed. They’ve got a lot to fix before week 2, but this offense isn’t broken, it’s rusty.
    • Second, there’s the possibility that the Indy D – as strange as this sounds – is really that good.
    • Finally, a quick look at the Saints’ schedule shows that they’re not going to be facing very many elite defenses the rest of the way. Aside from the Bears in the final week, there’s nothing that sticks out on their schedule as a major threat to Bush & Co.
  • Reggie Wayne has taken the torch from Marvin Harrison as the most valuable target in Indy. True, Marvin had only four catches and one TD to Reggie’s seven and two, but for most of the game Wayne was being guarded by Jason David, a guy Tony Dungy knew how to beat. When David was assigned to Harrison, Marvin torched him for a TD.