Some things we've learned today

Ronnie Brown has the talent to be a #1 fantasy RB. Now it’s just a matter of whether he can maintain the motivation to perform to his potential all season on a bad team.

Tony Romo is a bona fide stud QB.

If Joe Jurevicius catches a pass, it’ll probably be in the end zone.

Deion Branch and Matt Hasselbeck have chemistry, and Branch is officially relevant in fantasy football again.

Lee Evans is bored in Buffalo, and isn’t trying very hard. Until this changes, he’s going to suck.

Cedric Benson sucks.

Jason Witten is one of the top 3 tight ends in the league.

The Kansas City Defense is very capable of shutting down your quarterback and receivers, but not your running back.

The Cleveland Browns are a good source of fantasy points for the first time in years.

Greg Olsen isn’t ready to be a prime-time fantasy TE yet. This makes me sad.

Peyton Manning is perfectly capable of having a big day even when Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison are barely involved. He’s also apparently been hypnotized by the commercial where a little kid whispers "Clark."

Joseph Addai could wind up the #1 fantasy RB this season.

Brian Leonard ain’t no Steven Jackson. Then again, neither is Steven Jackson.

Shaun Alexander is the most boringly consistent source of 8-12 fantasy points in the league.

Tatum Bell and Kevin Jones are splitting the carries right down the middle at this point, and neither is a compelling option.

Dwayne Bowe is an exciting rookie WR.

The Oakland Defense is good at keying in on a star receiver and taking him out of the game (see: Chris Chambers).