Struggling with a decision this morning, might go with Plan C and slit wrists

This literally kept me up last night. I may need therapy. My squad in the "League of Champions" has an important matchup today: my co-Geek Brandon. I’ve got four WRs on that team (a bit shallow, I know, and something that’ll probably bite me down the road): Reggie Wayne, Chris Chambers, Jerricho Cotchery, and Jerry Porter. Wayne’s the obvious start.

So far, I’ve been very pleased to watch Chambers and Cotchery live up to my pre-season expectations for them. But Porter’s up against Cleveland. It’s very, very difficult for me to bench the #1 WR on a team facing Cleveland, even if the guy throwing to him is a McClown. Chambers has a calf strain but it sounds like he’ll start; the Cotch Rocket has a shoulder injury and is listed as questionable. He’ll probably only stay in as long as the game is close, but the matchup with Miami’s corners is tasty and I hate to bench him.

Right now, I’ve got Porter starting over Cotchery, but I just know it’s going to blow up in my face.