Liveblogging the 1:00 games

I’m watching the Bills-Pats with one eye and StatTracker with the other.


1:08: Losman is out with a knee injury, and he probably threw up in his mouth a little when Trent Edwards came in and immediately led a touchdown drive against the Pats D. If Edwards stays in and looks anywhere near that good for the rest of the game against this defense, he’s an instant sleeper. Lynch and Evans are weapons any QB could appreciate, and the Bills did invest heavily in their offensive line in the offseason. Maybe Losman was the problem all along (would that really be all that surprising?).

1:22: He just threw the ball right to a Pats corner on 3rd down, who graciously dropped it. Perhaps I spoke too soon.

1:35: Great, Posluszny’s hurt. That’s exactly what we needed. The Bills are going to start putting pads on the assistant coaches soon. Props to the New England fans for giving him a nice ovation as he’s carted off.

1:58: I told you Ronnie Brown would have his first good day. Over 100 yards and a TD in the first half.

2:01: Posluszny’s arm is fucking broken. (What? It’s my blog, I can curse, I just never do. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck.) This is just getting ridiculous.

2:06: The NFL refs really have it out for Belichick today. Two challenge flags thrown, both for what appeared to be good reason, and both denied. Brian Moorman is a god among punters – 75 yards from as deep in the end zone as you can be. Wow.

2:10: McNabb to Kevin Curtis: 184 yards, 3 TDs. Guess he found himself a weapon (or a good matchup).

2:13: Touchdown Ben Watson, AKA the tight end Brandon talked me into dropping. Thanks pal.

2:18: Another 3-and-out for Edwards and the Bills. Losman pauses halfway through tying the knot on the noose he’s fashioned in the locker room out of gym socks and tears.

2:20: 5 yard penalty on Maroney for throwing the ball after the play. Looked more like he dropped it to me. The refs absolutely despise Belichick.

2:22: Tom Brady throws the ball to Kyle Brady, resulting in the inevitable "Brady Bunch" joke.

2:26: Touchdown, Randy Moss. He’s disgusting in the red zone.

2:27: What’s gotten into Brett Favre? 185 yds/2 TD in the first half against San Diego, and he’s spreading the wealth all over the place.

2:28: Bills kickoff returner Josh Scobee takes a helmet to the knee, condition unknown. I bet it’s broken.

2:31: Told you Pennington would make a good plug-in this week (2 TD so far).

2:33: I can’t understand a word Shannon Sharpe says during his highlights. It’s like they turn it over to ESPN Deportes or something.

2:34: Vince Jackson finally caught a TD. We’ll see several more of those this season.

2:38: I just double-checked all my leagues to make sure I’m not up against any Kevin Curtis owners.

2:45: Starving. Taking a break. Might be back, might not. No promises.