The injury bug strikes

While there were some great fantasy performances from players this past weekend, there were also quite a few injuries to key players that you should be aware of so you can start planning for next weekend. You can also see a summarized version of these on our Injury Report list:

Deuce McAllister (RB-NO): DEUUUCCEE! That might be the last time you hear his name this season, as preliminary reports are saying that he has a torn ACL and will be out for the year. While the team has not put out an official report, it appears that Reggie Bush might be trying to shoulder the load by himself for the remainder…which is not good for anyone involved. The Saints looked terrible again last night and I’m not sure Bush is the right running back to carry the ball 30 times a game. Stay tuned for an update on this situation, but in case you were curious, the Saints next running back in line is Aaron Stecker (if you’re a Deuce owner, snatch up Stecker as quickly as possible just in case).

Steven Jackson (RB-STL): This was probably the most high profile and troubling injury of the weekend, until we heard about Deuce’s. Jackson suffered a partial tear of his left groin (I never understood some of the terminology with groin injuries) and will miss at least one week. Although I’m not a doctor, a tear (partial or not) of the groin does not sound like something that will disappear after one week of rest. The Rams have looked terrible this season and this injury won’t help them. Rookie Brian Leonard took over for Jackson when he left the game and is worth a pickup in leagues of all type…especially if you own Jackson. The Rams have lost a few offensive linemen though, who along with Jackson’s injury, force us to downgrade everyone on the Rams offense.

J.P. Losman (QB-BUF): Adding to the insult of a pretty good beat down at the hands of my Patriots is the injury to JP’s knee. Losman sprained his knee in the game this weekend and is expected to miss at least 2 weeks. You shouldn’t have been starting Losman, but just in case you were, rookie Trent Edwards will start for the Bills the next few weeks. If you’re looking for an emergency starter (your league starts 3 quarterbacks and there are 12 teams or something), you could start Edwards…but I wouldn’t.

Jake Delhomme (QB-CAR): The phantom injury struck Delhomeboy this past weekend. In case you didn’t see the highlights, Delhomme hurt his arm without even getting hit after making a throw in the third quarter. He sat out the rest of the game and backup David Carr (yeah…that David Carr) took over for him, doing surprisingly well. Delhomme will be questionable for this coming weekend as the injury turned out to be a slight strain of the elbow, so I’d stay away from this situation until we have a better idea of what’s really going on with his elbow.

Shaun Alexander (RB-SEA): After ESPN SportsCenter tried to give me a nervous breakdown (saying that they had breaking news on Alexander, and it wasn’t good), it appears that SA has a broken bone in his wrist. That’s the bad news. The good news is that he’ll continue to play with the same protective cast that he has been wearing because of a wrist sprain. If Alexander doesn’t play at all for some reason this season, his backup would be Maurice Morris. However, I wouldn’t run out and pick up Morris anytime soon, as it appears Alexander will continue playing…and Morris was pretty crappy last year filling in for Alexander during his foot injury.

Calvin Johnson (WR-DET): Johnson suffered a bruised back this weekend after catching a pass and landing hard on his back. I’m hoping that he can fight through it and play in week 4 (as I have him on a fantasy team), but as of now he is listed as day-to-day. As with most of the other names on this list, you’ll have to check back for an update on his status when it comes closer to Sunday.

Rudi Johnson (RB-CIN): Did he really get hurt this weekend? Or did the 20 rushes for a whopping 9 yards cause him to suffer from slight depression? I’m not exactly positive, but the team says that Johnson has a sprained hamstring, but should be able to play next weekend. Kenny Watson is the backup and played pretty well after Rudi went out, but if Johnson plays, Watson’s fantasy value will return back to zero.

Brian Westbrook (RB-PHI): After one of the greatest games of his career (and the best individual fantasy performance of the week), it appears that Westbrook is a little sore. He has an abdominal strain and his status for next week is up in the air. My hunch is that he will play next weekend, as it’s an important game against the division rival Giants, but check back for updates on his status as we get them.

Matt Lienart (QB-ARI): Although not physically injured, his pride must have taken a hit when the team sat him in favor of Kurt Warner when the team was up against the ropes. Lienart looks to be the starter next week, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable starting him knowing that when the goings get tough, the Cardinals get Warner (into the game). With the receivers Lienart has, he should be putting up much better numbers than he has so far this year.