2007: The Year Injuries Reigned Supreme 

It’s been a weird fantasy football year in general, what with four of the top running backs having shockingly poor seasons so far and the out-of-left-field return of Kurt Warner, but the injuries have been an uncomfortably prominent part of the storyline all season.

Carnell Williams, not all that surprisingly, took the worst of it this weekend, with a "potentially career-threatening torn patellar tendon," according to Yahoo! Sports. A bunch of big names got banged up this week: Joseph Addai (bruised shoulder), Alex Smith (something with his shoulder), Marvin Harrison (bruised thigh), Lamont Jordan (back injury, currently on crutches), Isaac Bruce (hammy), Marc Bulger (not hurt so he doesn’t really belong in this sentence but I just wanted to mention that he sucks), and the best player on the Steelers, safety Troy Polamalu (abdomen).

That would make for a pretty bad week in any season, but with everything that’s gone on so far in 2007, most notably the Kevin Everett situation, it really is starting to feel like it’s getting out of control.