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  • Brandon 4:50 pm on October 2, 2007 Permalink  

    Who will falter first? 

    At this point in the season, there remains four teams at the 4-0 mark. While the 1972 Dolphins aren’t shaking in their boots quite yet, I bet they watch highlights of the Patriots, Colts and Cowboys games (probably not Green Bay games, although they are currently undefeated as well) each week wondering "Could this be the year?" At this point, if only because the AFC is deemed a tougher conference currently, the Patriots seem to be the front runners in the "Who will go 16-0 Sweepstakes?" this season. Tom Brady and Randy Moss form the best quarterback-receiver duo in the NFL, but not too far behind is the Tony Romo to Terrell Owens connection…and then maybe right behind that is Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne (I think Marvin Harrison is getting old). The great part for the 72 ‘Fins is that the following games will take place this season:

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    • Sonybrash 1:11 pm on October 4, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t think Randy Moss “showed up” Ocho Cinco. If you think about it, it has more to do with the quality of defense. While I was watching the game, I was more impressed with C. J.’s performance when he actually got the ball, it looked like he tried harder.

      I know I’m nit-picking, but I don’t like Randy Moss…at all. He is a baby(just like T.O.). I really like Ocho, though. He gets a lot of media attention for his eccentric behavior, but it seems like he does it for entertainment purposes…like an actor. Like when he raced the horse (for donations to charity). I just really want to someone with his character succeed, not whiny, high-maintenance “all-stars”.

    • Brandon 4:30 pm on October 4, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      I’m not sure if you got to see Chad Johnson’s sideline blowup this past weekend with Carson Palmer over a mis-run route or something, but I wouldn’t say that he was doing that for entertainment purposes. In general, wide receivers are whiny, high maintenance bunch, and I don’t see Ocho Cinco avoiding that tag. Randy Moss has been the model teammate up to this point, of course his team has been winning, but still…you can’t hate on him at this point in the season. Especially if you’re a Patriots fan…woot woot!

    • Sonybrash 12:15 am on October 6, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      Yeah, I saw the blow-up. Carson Palmer threw a bad pass because he though C.J. was supposed to run a certain route, but, with the play that was called, Chad ran the right route. Carson admitted to being wrong in some tabloid I read.

      What I meant by trying harder was, when Ocho Cinco got the ball, he ran hard….and tried to get a touchdown every time. When I remember seeing Moss, was when he was jumping over tiny conerbacks in the endzone, the same thing he did at Marshall with Pennington. It didn’t impress me much.
      I won’t comment on Moss’s lack of words because you already stated it.

      P.S. I’m sorry you’re a Pats fan (I’m a Dolphins fan). I often refer to Tom Brady as the Homosexual Anti-Christ. He’s good and everything (hes actually one of the calmest QBs I’ve seen since Marino) I just want him to catch muscular dystrophy or something. LOL! Oh, well.

  • Brandon 1:53 pm on October 2, 2007 Permalink  

    Waiver-Wire Pickups, Keeper Sleepers and Spot Starts: Week 5 

    Let me warn you that when you read the names on the Quarterback section of this column, you’re going to start laughing. I make no promises on the success of these players, but they have a chance to help your team in some way or another. As for the WR and RB’s though, they should make solid additions to your team, so here are your waiver wire, spot start and keeper sleeper alerts for week 6…

    Wide Receivers

    Dwayne Bowe (KC): Bowe seems to be getting better each game, and this past weekend was the culmination of his true potential, where he caught 8 passes for 164 yards and a touchdown. He may have been claimed last week after a 77 yard/1 TD performance, but if not (he was a free agent in one of my leagues), put in your claim ASAP. He’s obviously the favorite target in the KC passing game and should be a solid third receiver for your team for the remainder of the season. Not to mention he’d be a killer prospect to have in a keeper league.

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    • Andy 3:11 pm on October 4, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      Instead of Aaron Stecker – how about Pierre Thomas? I think the “straight ahead running opportunities” fit his style a little more than Stecker – who’s never been more than a basic third down back.

  • Brandon 1:04 pm on October 2, 2007 Permalink  

    The return of Ricky Williams? 

    Now that week 4 is officially in the books, it’s time to start looking at players who are eligible to return from suspension, and what bigger name did you need than weed-man extraordinaire, Ricky Williams. Williams has apparently applied for reinstatement to the league after spending some time a) being suspended from the league (for the 4th time!) for his habitual marijuana use, b) vacationing in India and Australia, where he was practicing yoga or something, and c) playing football in the Canadian Football League.

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  • Matt 9:09 am on October 2, 2007 Permalink  

    We're so stupid, we're so smart: A look back at week 4 

    • I declared that Lee Evans is to be considered nothing more than a spot start from this point on, but that one of those spots was in week 4 against the Jets. I’ve got 72 yards here who say I was right.
    • Brandon said that Andre Davis "should be a satisfactory 3rd receiver for your team if you’re looking for a spot-start." 117 yards and a TD is more than satisfactory, if you ask me.
    • Brandon said that Roddy White "should fill in nicely as a third WR for the remainder of the season." 64 yards is just OK for a #3 WR, but he looked like the #1 target again and should continue to put up decent numbers.
    • Of Daunte Culpepper, Brandon said: "Although at first I’d eye him as a spot-start quarterback, keep him in your sights in case he starts playing well." If you viewed last week as a spot to start him in, you’re a lucky son of a bitch and I hate your dog.

    (More …)

    • Brandon 9:32 am on October 2, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      Not to toot my own horn, but let’s also note that I recommended Daunte Culpepper and Earnest Graham. It appears that those were pretty solid suggestions at this point, as Culpepper had 5 TDs and Graham is pretty much the main man now in Tampa Bay with Cadillac out for the season. Of course I might have missed on a few suggestions, but I’ve already forgotten about all of that nonsense…

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