Travis Henry to be suspended? 

It appears that Ricky Williams is not the only NFL running back to enjoy his Mary Jane. Denver Bronco’s running back Travis Henry, the current NFL leader in rushing yards, is in danger of being suspended for a year for violating the league’s substance abuse program.

This story is pretty interesting, because while the league is trying to suspend Henry, he is suing the league to prevent it from using his urine sample, saying the league violated its own substance abuse policy. Henry claims that the league was in violation because it did not allow his "experts" to be present to test the sample.

I’m not sure if Henry is trying to say that the NFL’s "experts" do not know how to perform a drug test or that they’re trying to set him up with false results in some big conspiracy. Either way though, if found guilty of this violation, Henry is in danger of being suspended for the remainder of the season, as he already sat out four games two years ago for violating the policy a first time while in Tennessee. I’m crossing my fingers that he finds some loophole in this situation, as he’s one of my running backs in my Keeper league, but we’ll just have to wait and see what the verdict is on this situation.