Ask the Geeks: Week 5 

Dan asks: Andre Davis (vs. Miami, should start with Andre Johnson and Jacoby Jones still out) or Darrell Jackson (vs. Baltimore)? Miami’s D has been bad, but that’s because of their run defense (ranked 32nd), not their pass defense (ranked 2nd). Jackson hasn’t been great, and he’s up against Baltimore with a new QB, so I’m leaning away from him.

Brandon’s take: I would go with Andre Davis this week after the way he seemed to mesh with Matt Schaub last week (117 yards and a TD). It seems that Schaub only needs one "go to" guy each week, and due to injury troubles with Andre Johnson and Jacoby Jones, that guy is Davis. Jackson is on one of my teams and is yet to impress me. I see much more upside with Davis.

Matt’s take: Miami’s secondary is very, very bad. That swings the balance to Davis this week.

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