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  • Brandon 10:30 pm on October 7, 2007 Permalink  

    Trent Green's concussion looked bad, but… 

    I’m not sure if you were able to see video of Trent Green’s concussion-causing hit this weekend, but in case you didn’t, you can see it right here:

    When I first heard about Green’s injury, I was watching the video on the highlight show, and the first thing I noticed was not Green getting leveled on the ground, but the huge guy flipping over him. Watch that video and tell me that you don’t completely ignore Trent Green as soon as you see the other guy, Travis Johnson, flying through the air (with the greatest of ease?)
    (More …)

  • Matt 6:58 pm on October 7, 2007 Permalink  

    Q: Why are you glad you don't play for the Broncos today? 

    A: Because if you did, you’d get to spend the next week with a coach who thinks this is a smile:

    The corners of the mouth are clearly not pointing upward.

  • Matt 3:07 pm on October 7, 2007 Permalink  

    An Open Letter to Yahoo RE: StatTracker 

    Dear Yahoo,

    Your CPU is shaking in fear at the sight of this Java abomination

    Let me start by saying that I love your fantasy football system. I’ve tried ESPN, NFL.com, CBS Sportsline, and FleaFlicker, and none of them hold a candle to your simple, efficient interface. Way to go. I’m golf clapping right now. By myself. It’s kind of weird.

    But StatTracker sucks worse than every Miami quarterback since Marino. For starters, it’s an unbelievable resource hog – it’s using around 20% of my CPU on my dual-core laptop, and it’s just as bad with every other computer I’ve used it on. When StatTracker’s running, computers tend to freeze up every ten seconds or so. It’s annoying. When I watch football on Sundays, I’m usually surfing the web at the same time (I don’t have the attention span to concentrate on just one game), and while I’d like to have StatTracker running at the same time, it’s just not worth it.

    Second, here’s something you should know already but apparently don’t – many people are in more than one fantasy league. So, then, why does StatTracker make it such an enormous pain in the ass to monitor multiple teams at one time? Why do I have to sit through a twenty-second progress bar every time I check on a new league? There should be tabs across the top of the screen, one for each league you’re in, and the data for all of them should already be loaded, but hidden. There’s no reason I can think of that this would be impossible, or even difficult, to do. If it’s because it would increase the system resources the program takes up, then clearly you need to figure out a new way to pull stats down in real time. There’s no reason this should be a CPU-intensive task.

    Really, it’s just a bad system, and obviously needs to be overhauled. Given that it’s likely the main way you make money off your fantasy football product (aside from advertising), it seems like it’d be worth the investment.

    Matt from ffgeekblog.com

    • jay 10:01 am on October 8, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      I agree 100%…

      btw, what didn’t you like about Fleaflicker and Sportsline? Those are solid services in my opinion

    • Matt 10:06 am on October 8, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      It’s just the interface in general that I like about Yahoo. The best part about Yahoo’s system is the way you can easily sort available players by a ton of different parameters. I can’t tell you how many wise pickups I’ve made over the years due to the different ways Yahoo lets me look at player data. Generally, when I try another system out, that’s the first thing I miss.

    • Brandon 4:47 pm on October 8, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      FleaFlicker represent! I knew there were other people that liked it out there. When we tried FleaFlicker, the interface was a little too primal for our likings, but if they’ve added lots of improvements, we might have to revisit it again next season…even if they are the punchline of a joke most of the time they are currently mentioned in our leagues.

    • Fantasy Football Collective 6:35 pm on October 8, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      I love this open letter (aka product development from a real user’s perspective). You should force them to pay you for this type of insight…
      Why the big media companies don’t get it is beyond me but it allows little startups like FantasyFootballCollective.com to exist.

    • Matt 9:24 pm on October 8, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks dude, and that’s the first I’ve heard of FFC but it looks like a cool site… I’m your newest member.

  • Brandon 12:09 pm on October 7, 2007 Permalink  

    Week 5: Last minute injury update 

    To all those wondering whether to start Laurence Maroney or not, you can put him on the bench. Maroney has been declared inactive for the game this afternoon, so get Sammy Morris or another backup running back into your lineup.

    Other players to keep out of your lineup this week include Ahman Green, Anquan Boldin and Santana Moss, each of whom are inactive for their games today.

    Players that WILL be playing this week though, include Calvin Johnson and Travis Henry.

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