Ask the Geeks: Week 6, Part 2 

Brandon’s off to St Maarten to visit a college buddy of ours (I wasn’t invited, but that’s cool, really, no hard feelings at all, I mean I’m married and they know I probably wouldn’t go anyway, so you know, it’s not like I even really wanted to be asked, nah it’s totally cool), so I’m flying solo on this edition of ATG. Luckily for my lazy ass, we got most of this week’s questions out of the way in Part 1, so I’ve just got one to respond to now.

Chris asks: Right now I have LT, Westbrook, and Ronnie Brown and at QB I have Brees. Since I am in a one year keeper and have already used LT this season, I think I should deal him due to Westbrook and Brown’s stellar seasons. I was thinking LT for Peyton/Brady and a decent WR? What do you guys think?

Matt’s take: I think you need to think about who Westbrook and Brown are. Westbrook’s a guy who usually has stellar outings when he’s healthy, but has proven time and time again that he’s unable to stay healthy. Maybe he’ll be OK for the rest of the season – maybe not. Brown’s a guy who, aside from the past three weeks, has been a big-time fantasy dud. His QB just went down and the likely result will be that teams won’t have to respect the pass any more and will be able to stack the box against him. Honestly, Brown’s the guy you should be looking to trade right now, not LT. The San Diego offense is just waking up, and LT should be able to almost single-handedly carry you deep into the playoffs. I wouldn’t trade him away under any circumstances. I understand that it’s a keeper league and you’ll have to dump LT after the season, but why did you keep him if you weren’t going to use him to win this year?