Ask the Geeks: Week 7, Part 2 

John Doe asks: Willie Parker or Larry Johnson in Week 7?

Brandons’s take:
This is a tough one, as they both have great matchups against weak run defenses (Parker vs. DEN and LJ vs. OAK). I’d be interested to see who the other running back is that’s on your roster preventing you from starting both of them. However, if I had to choose between the two of them, I would go with Larry Johnson. While Denver is letting up mucho yards on the ground (almost 190 a week!), I see backup Najeh Davenport playing a bigger role than normal and stealing some of Parker’s thunder this week. Larry Johnson on the other hand, is basically the only guy in Kansas City at this point, as backup Michael Bennett just got traded and the current backup, Priest Holmes, is just returning from a serious injury and won’t be rushed into battle. He’s playing an Oakland team that is letting up 145 yards and over a TD a game on the ground. Larry Johnson is a near lock for 100 yards and a touchdown this week, so plug him in.

P.S. Check out Yahoo’s ranks for running backs this week. They seem to agree with my thoughts.