Patriots vs. Colts can't come soon enough! 

Am I the only one getting sick of the following things?

  1. Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning: Who’s the best quarterback?
  2. Commentators making a reference to the Colts being disrespected because "everyone else" assumes the Patriots are a far superior team (I’m pretty sure I’ve heard every sports anchor on every sports show, as well as at least one writer from every major sports website state this at least once)
  3. Any reference to the Patriots playing teams with losing records and a combined record of 17-28. Is it their fault? Last year, playing the Chargers, Bengals and Cowboys in the first six weeks would have been seen as a lethal schedule.

Anyways, as a Patriots fan, I am just hoping that both teams make it past this weekend unscathed, so that the "better" team can show itself on the field…instead of the minds of commentators who think they speak the gospel. And don’t even get me started with Mr. Easterbrook’s latest TMQ article on Colts as "Good" and the Patriots as "Evil"? Give me a break…what does that make the Bengals then?