Ask the Geeks: Week 8 

Brandon’s off somewhere again, so it’s just me. Again. I’m a latchkey co-blogger.

Richard asks: long question, trade or not variety. eight team league with two rb, two wr, and two flex. i have as rbs 1. larry johnson 2. westbrook 3. travis (it wasnt me) henry 4. lamont jordan. both henry and jordan are handcuffed with young and rhodes. my wrs are 1. ocho cinco 2. plaxico 3. donte stalworth 4. brandon marshall.

the offer: randy moss, earnest graham, chatman, and my choice of braylon edwards, tj houzmawhateve, reggie wayne in exchange for plaxico and larry.

im inclined to do this but our structure is playoffs last two weeks and lj (with kc probably fighting for spot) looks really good those last weeks. what say ye?

Matt’s take: I have a question for our readers: What kind of leagues are you all in? How does one team wind up with LJ, Westbrook, AND Travis Henry? Those were all first-round guys in every league I’m in this season. Did I miss a memo? Is the new trend to have four teams per league? It seems like almost every question we get comes from a reader with an absolute monster team.

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