AccuScore: What a waste of time

After reading an article about the AccuScore Super Computer on, which ran simulations of the Patriots-Colts game, I’m thoroughly convinced that we are already running out of things to talk about with these two teams. Honestly, what is the point of running simulations of a game where the sport’s slogan goes "…anything can happen on any given Sunday"? Unless you’re on your way to your bookie to place a big bet, how can the outcome of computer simulations affect you in any way? The nerd next door might as well run a Madden ’08 simulation on his XBox and tell you who won…it would have the same bearing on what will happen this Sunday.

Gibby McCaleb of ESPN and Stephen Oh from AccuScore even went as far as simulating games between this years Patriots and last years Colts, and vice-versa, to determine which team had improved the most…or something? Technology can be a great thing…but this does not appear to be one of those situations. Maybe they should have just turned off the power and saved some electricity or something…that’d be more productive.

P.S. As a Patriots fan, I feel obligated to mentioned that the system picks the Patriots to win 62% of the simulations for Sunday’s match-up.