Chris Chambers traded to San Diego Chargers: Fantasy Impact

Great trade for the Chargers, and even better for his fantasy owners. Chambers may be just the kind of receiver Rivers needs to take the next step. It’s hard to say how good Chambers is; he’s never had a decent QB throwing him the ball. This has all the makings of a situation where a player with elite talent is beyond determined to prove that he’s got it.

Philip Rivers owners – your backup QB (please tell me he’s your backup) just became a tradeable commodity. Sniff around your league and see if anyone’s inordinately excited about Rivers due to the trade, and offer him a deal his man-crush can’t refuse. If Rivers is your starter, well, happy birthday.

Vincent Jackson will drop to the #2 WR spot, but he’ll really be the #3 – Gates, obviously, is a target Rivers prefers over him. The only way this will help his fantasy value will be if teams have to pay so much attention to Chambers and Gates that he finds himself open more often than he has been so far this season. Hold on to him until his role in the offense is clarified.

The biggest fantasy benefactor on the Dolphins is probably Ted Ginn Jr. – he’s had about as much involvement in the Dolphins offense as Devin Hester has in the Bears (read: basically none). But he’s a big-time talent, and he’ll probably get his chance to prove it – assuming Cleo Lemon (which totally should be the name of a delicious Orange Julius alternative) can get him the ball.