Five Potential Shockers for Week 6

I wrote my first "shockers" post last week, when I predicted big games for Anthony Gonzalez, Devery Henderson, Gus Frerotte, Demetrius Williams, and Lee Evans. Evans and Williams were busts, but the first three all did surprisingly (shockingly, you might say) well, as I’ve already humbly pointed out. None of them, though, met my description of a true fantasy "shocker" performance, which I said happens when a "player comes out of relatively nowhere, has a gigantic, multiple-touchdown game, becomes the league’s hottest waiver or trade commodity, and then generally sinks back to his normal level of production the following week."

Only one guy matched those lofty parameters last week: Indy RB Kenton Keith (148 total yards, 2 TD), who proved that while Joseph Addai may be a nice back, just about anyone has the potential to produce in that ridiculously high-powered offense. So, officially, I’m batting .000, with two strikeouts and three long fly balls caught at the warning track. I’m hoping to knock one out of the park this week.

  1. L.J. Smith, TE, PHI: The Eagles are desperate for another option in the passing game, and a healthy Smith might be just what the doctor ordered.
  2. David Garrard, QB, JAC: Joey Harrington had 223 yards, 2 TD, and 0 INT against the Texans. Garrard can do better than that – maybe a lot better.
  3. Michael Turner, RB, SD: A cop-out, you say, after his big game in week 5? Whatever, I reply, he’s still a backup, and backups aren’t supposed to have monster games when their starters are healthy. With the Chargers finally hitting their stride and hosting Oakland, this game could quickly get out of hand again, giving Turner yet another opportunity to audition for a big off-season contract.
  4. Chris Brown, RB, TEN: Tampa Bay is allowing 124 rushing yards a game, and as I mentioned in an earlier post, LenDale White hasn’t done anything to enamor himself to the Titans coaching staff. If Brown has success early in the game, the Titans might keep feeding him the ball to avoid an above-average Tampa Bay secondary (which is better than it looked against Indy – as is any secondary).
  5. Marcus Pollard, TE, SEA: He’s got as good a chance as anyone to be Hasselbeck’s target in the end zone against New Orleans.